Sunday 29 June 2014

Mac users. Beware Mavericks!

I used to moan about Microsoft. Now it's Apple. Upgrade to Mavericks at your peril. Here are the things that no longer work on my Macbook. It's not a question of a free upgrade to version for the new OS, or even new drivers - no, this is software and hardware that have to be bought anew.

Logic Pro - works, but wipes screen as cursor moves to the right.
Powerpoint - works but won't play any video
HP Deskjet 959c - won't print in colour
HP Photosmart C4480 - won't scan

On the plus side - nothing. There is no discernible difference  between this silly name and the previous silly name except that things no longer work. How much are these 'software experts' paid? Where do they find them? Is it really just a brassy money making exercise, or simple incompetence?

I'll keep adding to this blog as new problems arise. Please add below if you have found others.