Saturday 31 December 2011

2012 Tour Dates

Here are the dates so far for my re-vamped show, "Love Your Chocolates" in 2012

Friday 3rd Feb The Exchange, Sturminster Newton, 7.30pm
Friday 10th Feb Haile Village Hall, Cumbria 7.30pm
Saturday 11th Feb Ireleth Temperance Hall, Cumbria 8.00pm
Sunday 12th Feb Lamplugh Village Hall, Cumbria 6.30pm
Saturday 24th March Sarah Thorne Theatre Club, Broadstairs Q&A 7.30pm
Monday 17th Sept Beccles Public Hall, Smallgate, Beccles 7.30pm

Happy New Year everyone - hope to see you there.

Tuesday 6 December 2011

Ranting again

It's the little things.

In Outlook Express on Windows XP, I could press "Go to folder", press the initial letter of the folder I wanted, and get within one letter of where I wanted to go. In the early nineties, there was a lot of correspondence with System Operators, so I had a folder called Sysops. Then, as other S folders got added, the quicker way to get there was to give it a unique first letter, so the folder became Xsysops. So then for anything nerdy or receipts or computery things, I could go Go To Folder... X , Enter. Bosh.
So then I upgrade to Windows 7 64 bit, which comes with Windows Live Mail. I import my entire history of emails, going back to 1992. Wow, that's 20 years of email and I've still got it all!

So I start off, Go to Folder, hit X - and nothing! Ok SOME GUY has looked at this and made a conscious effort in the upgrade, to DISABLE this function. Why? Is it saving fucking band width, memory, disk space? No, it's a tiny little function that a child could program, and some dipshit MIT graduate has decided probably a billion people don't need that, it's redundant - they never used the program so they didn't see the need. This then got past a whole host of other MIT graduates, all earning huge amounts of money, in countless meetings, going over every line of code, and decided that it would be a positive, thought-out plan to TAKE AWAY SOMETHING THAT WAS USEFUL! Why would you do that?

I despair.