Thursday 15 September 2011

Books need cataloguing

I've been needing to do this for years. When my father died in 1997, I inherited his large collection of books, which are all together on shelves downstairs. Judy and I already have a pretty large collection and I've been wanting to assimilate the two into their relevant categories.
I've bought some software called Collectorz Book Collector, which syncs with the net to provide all the details if you input the ISBN number, plus it comes with a barcode scanner, so for modern books it's pretty quick.
I don't need anyone to shift the books around, I'll do that afterwards, just input them all to the database and note the location.
I haven't got much money to pay anyone, so ideally this would be a labour of love, or possibly minimum wage. You can do it in your own time and join us for meals. There's a spare room if you need to stay over.
I've got a friend who is interested and she's popping over next week, but may not want to do it.
If you're still interested, we're in North London - Islington.
Please email me at

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Ralph Corderoy said...

Find a local booky twelve year old who's adept with computers and pay them to do it for pocket money? Perhaps have them do all the ISBN ones, sectioning off the others, so a quick first pass gets the bulk done and by then you can decide if they're up to doing the more careful data entry.